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Rally Guide of Rwanda

Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide

Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda

Regulatory Power:
The 17th Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 will be run in accordance with the
International Sporting Code (and its Appendices), the General Prescriptions
applicable to all FIA Rally Championships, FIA Africa Rally Championship
regulations, the FMU Sporting Code that complies with FIA Regulations and the
Supplementary Regulations (and its Appendices).
This document has no regulatory power and is issued as a guide only.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 2
1.1 Message From the Organising Committee
1.2 Event History
1.3 Past winners of the event
1.4 Event Overview
2.1 Rally Office Contact Details
2.2 Programme of Rally
2.3 Critical Competitor Deadlines
3.1 Entry Fee
3.2 Competitor Assistance
3.3 Vehicle Eligibility
3.4 Vehicle and Parts Importation
3.5 Two Way Radios
3.6 Medical Cards
3.7 Personal Accident Insurance
3.8 Servicing Arrangements
3.9 Fuel
3.10 Tobacco Advertising
3.11 Prize Giving
3.12 Corporate Hospitality
4.1 Secretariat
4.2 Practice Sections (Shakedown)
4.3 Reconnaissance Arrangements
4.4 Reconnaissance Accommodation
4.5 Media Publicity
4.6 Turbo and Spare Part Sealing
4.7 Competitors Briefing
4.8 Documentation
4.9 Scrutineering
5.1 Facts about Uganda
5.2 Driving in Uganda
5.3 Important Information
5.4 Consular Services
5.5 General Services
5.6 Medical Services
5.7 Vehicle Services
5.8 ARC Calendar

Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 3
1.1 Message From The Organising Committee
The Organizing Committee invites participants to come and experience Uganda and the Pearl
Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 (POAUR 2014). The rally derives its name from Winston
Churchill’s conclusion after he visited Uganda in 1907, declaring it the Pearl of Africa. In 2012,
105 years later, Lonely Planet chose Uganda to be the No. 1 Global Tourist destination. It is
indeed a land of diverse cultures and sights and its allure has endured the test of time.
The friendly people, the large crowds and the entire atmosphere will leave you with a happy
and unforgettable experience.
This year the event will be the 6th Round of the FIA African Rally Championship.
The PEARL OF AFRICA UGANDA RALLY 2014 is organised by Federation of Motor Sports
Clubs of Uganda (FMU). The event runs under the FIA African Rally Championship regulations
under the “competitive sections” format (as opposed to special stages). The total length of the
rally will be approximately 450 Kms. It is run on gravel roads in the outlying rural areas 40 Kms
north of Kampala, in the Luwero Triangle.
The POAUR 2014 counts for the following:
 2014 FIA African Rally Championship for Drivers & Co-drivers
 2014 FIA African Rally Championship for Manufacturers
 2014 FIA Championship Cup for Drivers of Groups A, N and 2 wheel Cars of 1600 cc
 2014 FMU National Rally Championships
 2014 FMU Clubman Rally Championships
 2014 FMU 2WD Rally Championships
The organisers of the POAUR 2014 look forward to your valued participation in our rally and
have compiled this booklet to assist you in all your arrangements for this year's event.
This Rally Guide contains information to assist you in preparing for this event. Should any of
your queries not be covered in this booklet, please do not hesitate to contact the Rally
Come experience Uganda!
Mr. Jack Wavamunno
FMU President
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 4
1.2 Event History
Uganda is the source of the Nile, and was fondly baptized the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by the late
Winston Churchill when he visited the country. That is where the event derives its name.
The Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally is one of the eight rounds of the FIA sanctioned African Rally
Championship, and will be organized on August 15th – 17th, 2014.
The event has its roots in a cooperation between the Burundi Automobile Club (CAB) and
Motorsport Africa Club (MOSAC) which resolved to jointly organise Burundi’s ‘Great Lakes
Rally 1996’ in Uganda, due to political instability in Burundi. This very successful ‘candidate’
event (which was observed by Shekhar Mehta, RIP), inspired the Ugandans to apply for their
own candidate event in 1997, the PEARL OF AFRICA UGANDA RALLY.
Motorsport in Uganda can be traced to the 1950s, when Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania jointly
run the East African Safari Rally. It was a Ugandan privateer, Sospeter Munyegera, who made
history as the first African to complete the event in 1969, in a standard showroom Saab. The
Saab works teams who had earlier all retired, joined the rest of the Motorsport world and
watched in amazement as this lone crusader in a standard car made history! Munyegera (RIP)
remains an inspiration for many young Ugandan drivers.
The five times Safari Rally winner, Shekhar Mehta (RIP), drove his first rally car on a circuit in
Lugazi, near the Source of the Nile, where his family still owns large sugar and tea estates. He
went on to become a World class driver and later became a Vice President of the FIA until his
untimely death in April 2006.
Satwant Singh, now a Zambian, was born in Tororo, Uganda. Satwant won the African Rally
Championship an unprecedented eight times, a feat unmatched by any other driver on the
continent. He privately admits that he is still Ugandan at heart.
More recently in 1999, Charles Muhangi and S. Byaruhanga became the first Black Africans to
win the coveted African Championship trophy, after making the competition eat dust. Ugandan -
related drivers have therefore won the African Championship 9 times!
Other star Ugandan drivers are Charlie Lubega, Moses Lumala, Emmanuel Katto, Chipper
Adams, Sam Ssali, Ponsiano Lwakataka, Ronald Sebuguzi and Jas Mangat.
Uganda has not been an easy hunting ground for the foreign crew, who have only won the
POAUR only five times in its 16 year history - Johnny Gemmel in 2002, Conrad Rautenbach in
2007, Jamie Whyte in 2008 (at his first attempt) and 2010 and more recently by Mohammed
Essa in 2012. Participants coming to Uganda can therefore expect worthy competition from the
local boys. All of them went on to become Africa Rally Champions in those particular years.

Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 5
1.3 Past Winners Of The Event
Year Driver/Navigator Car
1996 (run under FIA rules as
the Great Lakes Rally, jointly
with Club Automobile du
Karim Hirji / Frank Nekusa (EAU) Toyota Celica ST 185
1997 (run as the Pearl of
Africa Uganda Rally - ARC
Candidate event)
Chipper Adams/Justin Beyendeza
Toyota Supra
1998 (2nd Edition POAUR) Charles Muhangi / Steven
Byaruhanga (EAU)
Subaru Impreza
1999 (3rd Edition of POAUR) Chipper Adams/Justin Beyendeza
Toyota Supra
2000 (4th Edition of POAUR) Charlie Lubega / Abed Musa (EAU) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
2001- Event Not Run
2002 (5th Edition of POAUR) Johnny Gemmel /Robert Paisley (SA) Subaru Impreza WRX
2003 (6th Edition of POAUR) Charlie Lubega / Abed Musa (EAU) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
2004 (7th Edition of POAUR) Charlie Lubega / Abed Musa (EAU) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
2005 (8th Edition of POAUR) Riyaz Kurji / Sayed Kadri (EAU) Subaru Impreza N10
2006 (9th Edition of POAUR) Riyaz Kurji / Sayed Kadri (EAK)
(Crew run under Kenyan Licence)
Subaru Impreza N8
2007 (10th Edition of POAUR) Conrad Rautenbach/Peter Marsh
Subaru Impreza N10
2008 (11th Edition of POAUR) Jamie Whyte/Phil Archenoul (ZW) Subaru Impreza N10
2009 (12th Edition of POAUR) Riyaz Kurji*/ Sayed Kadri (EAK)
Subaru Impreza N8
2010 (13th Edition of POAUR) Jamie Whyte/Phil Archenoul (ZW) Subaru Impreza N10
2011 (14th Edition of POAUR) Ponsiano Lwakataka/Musa Nsubuga
Subaru Impreza N8
2012 (15th Edition of POAUR) Mohammed Essa (Z)/Greg Stead
Subaru Impreza N12
2013 (16th Edition of POAUR) Jas Mangat /Gihan Da Silva (EAU) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 6
1.4 Event Overview
The 2014 edition of the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally will be competed over three days. The
rally will cover the picturesque scenery of Uganda and will take competitors and fans to the
Central parts of the country. The total distance of the rally will be 450 Kms, of which 250 Kms
will be competitive.
There are a total of 10 Competitive Sections which will be re-run over the course of the rally,
the longest of which will be 52 Kms and the shortest 2.6 Kms..
The competitive sections will be on gravel roads that are open to the public. However,
information will be relayed to the road users to ensure that traffic is kept to a minimum on the
days of the event.
Day 1 Friday August 15th, 2014
After a ceremonial start at the Silver Springs Hotel on the Eastern edge of Kampala City, the
rally cars will start with the traditional Super Special Section, which will be approximately 3 Kms
in length. This circuit will be competed over two runs, in reverse seeding order. This circuit is
well known for the number of fans that it can accommodate, who have numbered well over
25,000 at peak rallying seasons.
Day 2 Saturday August 16th, 2014
After an overnight rest at the Silver Springs Hotel, the cars will head north of the capital
Kampala where an all new route has been designed with 4 Competitive Stages run twice.
Competitors will battle over 8 Competitive Sections totalling 240 Kilometres The cars will return
to the Silver Springs Hotel for the finish and a spectacular night time awards ceremony.
The organisers wish to point out also that the format given above is a draft précis of the
Itinerary and is subject to change in case conditions on the ground demand so. Any significant
changes will however be communicated to all aspiring competitors, as and when they occur.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 7
2.1 Rally Office Details
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda
Lugogo Indoor Sports Complex
P. O. Box 36772,
Telephone: +256 790 913 432
Fax: +256 414 540 668

President: Jack Wavamunno
Cell +256 772 502001
Clerk of the Course: David Bitalo
Cell +256 772 504719
Event Secretary: Katende Mukiibi
Cell +256 701 534141
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 8
2.2 Programme Of The Rally
OPENING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Tuesday July 1st, 2014, 09:00 Hrs
Local Competitors: Friday August 8th, 2014 from 15:00 Hrs at Rally Hq.
Foreign Competitors: Tuesday August 12th, 2014 - 15:00 Hrs at Rally Hq.
CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES: Saturday August 2nd, 2014, 19:00 Hrs
Local Competitors: Saturday August 9th – Sunday August 10th, 2014 at
06:00 – 19:00 Hrs
Foreign Competitors: Wednesday August 13rd – Thursday Aug. 14th,
2014 at 06:00 – 19:00 Hrs
Local Competitors: Tuesday August 12th 2014, 14:00 – 18:00 Hrs
Foreign Competitors: Wednesday Aug. 13rd 2014, 14:00 – 20:00 Hrs
DATE OF SCRUTINEERING OF THE CARS: Place: Shell Service Station, Lugogo
Time: Friday August 15th, 2014, 07:00 Hrs
Time: Friday August 15th, 2014, 11:30 Hrs
CREWS ELIGIBLE TO TAKE THE START: Place: Official Notice Board, Rally HQ
Time: Friday August 15th, 2014, 13:00 Hrs
STARTING DATE OF THE RALLY: Place: Silver Springs Hotel
Time: Friday August 15th, 2014, 13:00 Hrs
AND FINISH OF THE VARIOUS LEGS: Start and Finish location for all legs:
Rally Headquarters
Leg 1: Start: Friday August 15th, 2014, 13:00 Hrs
Finish: Friday August 15th, 2014, 18:00 Hrs
Leg 2: Start: Saturday August 16th, 2014, 06:30 Hrs
Finish: Saturday August 16th, 2014, 18:00 Hrs
FINISHING DATE OF THE RALLY: Place: Silver Springs Hotel
Time: 18:00 Hrs Saturday August 16th, 2014
DATE OF FINAL CHECKS: Place: Shell Service Station, Lugogo
Time: 10 minutes after each car finishes rally
Saturday August 16th, 2014
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 9
OF RESULTS: Place: Official Notice Board, Rally HQ,
Time: 20:30 Hrs Sunday August 17th, 2014
PRIZE-GIVING: Place: Finish Podium
Time: 21:00 hrs Saturday August 17th, 2014
Date: From July 1st, 2014 until Rally end
RALLY HEADQUARTERS: Place: Silver Springs Hotel
Telephone: (+256 790 913 432)
PRESS ROOMS: Place: Rally HQ
Times: Tuesday August 12th, 2014 to
Sunday August 17th, 2014
2.3 Critical Competitor Deadlines
Date Time Activity
Saturday August 2nd, 2014 19:00 Hrs Closing of Entries
Saturday August 2nd, 2014 19:00 Hrs Co – Driver Details Entry Forms
Saturday August 9th to
Sunday August 10th, 2014
06:00 Hrs - 19:00 Hrs Reconnaissance for Local Crew
Wednesday August 13th to
Thursday August 14th, 2014
06:00 Hrs - 19:00 Hrs Reconnaissance for Foreign Crew
Tuesday August 12th, 2014 14:00 Hrs Administrative Checks For Local
Wednesday August 13th, 2014 14:00 Hrs Administrative Checks For Foreign
Friday August 15th, 2014 07:00 Hrs Scrutineering
Friday August 15th, 2014 13:00 Hrs Start of Rally
Saturday August 16th, 2014 18:00 – 22:00 Hrs Finish of Rally & Prize Giving
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 10
3.1 Entry Details
Potential entrants for this rally must send an entry form duly completed to:
The Secretariat
Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally
P. O. Box 36772,
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 790 342510
Fax: +256 414 540688

The entry form together with the entry fee must reach the organiser at the latest on:
Closing date: Saturday August 2nd, 2014 at 19:00 Hrs.
Details concerning the co-driver can be sent up to Administrative Checks.
If the entry is sent by Fax or email, the original must reach the organiser at the latest by the end
of Administrative Checks.
Entry fees can be paid either in Uganda shillings or the equivalent rate in any convertible
currency (1 US $ = approx. Ug. Shs. 2,550). Payment may be made in cash.
Sum of entry fees (non manufacturers) is as follows:
With the organiser's optional advertising, full payment before 19:00 Hrs Saturday August 2nd,
Entry Fee: US $ 150.00
Without the organiser's optional advertising an additional amount to US $ 300.00 must be paid.
The entry fees specified above include: -
- Rally Car Plates
- Two Service Car Stickers
- One set of unofficial Pace Notes
- One set of Road Books
- One set of Service Books
- Four service personnel passes
3.2 Competitor Assistance
For international entrants, organizers are negotiating for the following concessions:
 Free Entry (Confirmed)
 Accommodation – At the time of publishing this Guide, Organisers were still in
negotiations with the Rally Hotel regarding accommodation. Any developments will be
communicated as soon as negotiations are concluded.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 11
3.3 Vehicle Eligibility
African Rally Championship events are reserved for the following groups and classes of
In addition to cars such as described in 3.3, other cars as per Article 4.3 of the FIA
World Rally Cars are not authorized.
The Stewards may, for reasons of safety, seed all drivers including FIA seeded drivers.
3.4 Vehicle And Parts Importation
All vehicles and spare parts, temporarily imported into Uganda must be guaranteed against
import duty and taxes. There are three ways in which this can be done:
i) AIT/FIA Carnet de Passage
This document allows the temporary importation of a vehicle and any spare parts declared on
related documents. Guarantees the payment of import duties and taxes on the vehicle or spare
parts, should you not re-export them. It is the most convenient way of temporarily importing a
vehicle and spare parts.
The original carnet and related documents must be presented to Customs at the port of entry
and again at the port of exit.
The Carnet de Passage is obtainable from your local ASN.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 12
ii) Insurance Bond
This involves the execution of a customs bond with an insurance company. The Commissioner
of Custom calculates the duty and taxes payable on the vehicle and spares parts. The importer
pays a percentage of the duty and taxes payable, as a premium, to an insurance company,
which thus becomes the guarantor.
The original bond must be presented to Customs at the point of exit, where it will be cancelled
on re-exportation of the vehicle and spare parts.
iii) Cash Deposit
This involves the deposit of an amount of money, equivalent to the import duty and taxes
payable on the vehicle and spare parts, which is refundable on re-exportation of the vehicle and
spare parts.
This method is not only very expensive, but also very time consuming.
3.5 Radio Licencing (VHF, 2 Way)
It is illegal to operate any radio communication in Uganda without radio licence. The process of
obtaining a license from the Uganda Communications Commission is very tedious, and it is
advised that crews requiring a team channel utilise one of the mobile phone companies'
3.6 Medical Cards
It is a FIA requirement that all competitors (drivers and co-drivers must be in possession of a
valid medical card. This can be obtained from your local ASN. A Medical Certificate of Aptitude
is incorporated in the medical card.
A card is valid for five years but needs to be stamped annually after a medical examination, by
a certified medical practitioner in your country.
This card must be surrendered to the Chief Medical Officer at the start of the POAUR 2012 and
will be returned to you at the finish, on retirement or exclusion from the event.
Should you have met with an accident during a previous event, the Chief Medical Officer of that
event should have filled in the relevant part of the medical card. Should you have sustained an
incapacitating injury during this previous event, you will need another medical examination
before you are allowed to participate in the POAUR 2012. Your local ASN approved Medical
Practitioner or any licensed Medical Practitioner in Uganda should conduct this examination.
3.7 Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance is not mandatory for this event, but can be obtained from the
following place:
APA Insurance Uganda Ltd National Insurance Corporation (NIC)
1st Floor Crown House NIC Building
Kampala Road, Pilkington Road,
Kampala Kampala
3.8 Servicing Arrangements
There is only one Service Park per leg, which will be indicated in the Road Book and the
Service Notes. Access will be by tarmac (asphalt) roads.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 13
All service and auxiliary vehicles need plates to gain entry into the Service Park. The entry
fees include two stickers for service cars. Additional Auxiliary Plates may be applied for
from the Rally office.
For non-manufacturers, only two vehicles, either service or auxiliary, for each competing car,
may be allowed to remain in the Service Park at any given time.
Any additional vehicles, either service or auxiliary are allowed entry into to Service Park either
to drop spares or Service Personnel at the service site and must exit promptly after that.
There are several competent outfits that will help with servicing arrangements, who the
organiser will help contact on behalf of the competitor.
3.9 Fuel
Competitors who would like to obtain AVGAS should place their booking with the Rally
Secretariat as soon as possible. However, Payments will be made directly to Shell Uganda
Limited at the time of collection. At the time of this document, One 200 litre drum of Avgas cost
approximately US $ 590 at Shell Uganda Limited.
3.10 Tobacco Advertising
There are no restrictions on tobacco advertising in Uganda at the time of publication of this
Rally Guide.
3.11 Prize Giving
The Prize Giving ceremony will be held on Saturday August 18th, 2013 on the finish podium.
3.12 Corporate Hospitality
Corporate hospitality, for both organisers' and competitor: sponsors, is available at the Service
Parks for all the legs.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 14
4.1 Secretariat
The secretariat will be at the Rally Hotel during the running of the event and will be open at the
following times - Monday August 11th to Friday August 15th, 2014 - 07:00 to 20:00 Hrs
- Saturday August 16th, 2014 - 07:00 to 21:00 Hrs
The following people will be available at the Secretariat:
 Mr. Katende Mukiibi – Event Secretary
 Mr. Stephen Okwonga – FMU Administrator
4.2 Practice (Testing and Shakedown)
There will be no official shakedown for the POAUR 2013. However, as part of the rally, Leg 1
will comprise of a Super Special Stage.
4.3 Reconnaissance Arrangements
Competitors wishing to carry out Reconnaissance must register with the Rally Secretariat.
Reconnaissance is limited to two passages per crew.
Reconnaissance, for all crews will be as follows:
 Local Crews - Saturday August 9th and Sunday August 10th, 2014.
 Foreign Crews - Wednesday August 13th and Thursday August 14th, 2014.
Road books and unofficial pace notes will be available as from Friday August 8th, 2014 at 14:00
Hrs onwards at the Rally HQ.
One can easily make 2 passes through the entire route in 1 day.
The organiser can help in sourcing vehicles for hiring, suitable for reconnaissance, at
reasonable rates.
4.4 Reconnaissance Accommodation
Accommodation during Reconnaissance: The entire route is accessible within a day from
4.5 Media Publicity
The POAUR is usually well covered by the media. The event will feature in the media regularly
for the three months prior to its running. There are three leading English daily newspapers, in
addition to numerous periodicals that cover the event. Kampala has a number of FM stations
with vibrant sports programmes that usually give motor sport a lot of airtime.
Similarly, the national TV channel, UBC, as well as other local channels (Bukedde TV, WBS,
NTV, Record, NBS & Star TV) screen news and breaking stories around the event.
The pressroom will be situated at the Silver Springs Hotel from Tuesday August 12th,
2014, for the duration of the event. There will be official press media who will send
information back to Headquarters during the event. If requested, please assist the media
regarding newsworthy items concerning your performance.
There will be an official result service at service parks, which will be updated regularly.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 15
4.6 Turbo And Spares Sealing
The sealing of the turbo (compressor) and the transmission gear mounted in the car will be
carried out prior to scrutineering. In addition, spare turbos equaling the number of legs (two), a
spare set of differentials and a spare Gearbox, will also be sealed, at the same time. Tracking
Units will also be installed at the same time. Details will be announced later.
4.7 Competitors Briefing
Competitors (drivers) briefing will be held at the Rally hotel on Thursday August 15th, 2013.
Time to be announced later.
This is an important briefing because any changes noted in the road books or unofficial pace
notes, as far as changing road conditions are concerned, will be communicated to the drivers.
4.8 Documentation
Please note that correctly filling in an entry form includes filling in details of the competitor's
past rally career. This information is essential for a write up in the Official Programme and the
Media book.
In addition, the correct entry fees need to be paid up before documentation can begin.
Documentation, at Rally HQ, will be from Monday August 11th, 2014, until Thursday August
14th, 2014 between 09:00 – 19:00 Hrs.
At documentation, the following will be checked:
 Correctly filled and fully paid up entry forms (for international entrants, a stamp on the entry
form, or letter from his / her ASN, permitting participation in this event).
 A valid competition and road licence
 A valid FIA Medical card, with a certificate of Aptitude.
 Valid third party insurance for duration of the event.
 A correctly filled in Service registration form.
After verification of the above, the following will be handed out:
 Competition numbers and plates and any sponsor stickers.
 2 Service Stickers per Crew.
The Road Books, Service Books and the Unofficial Pace Notes can be collected from Rally HQ
from Friday August 8th, 2014, provided correctly filled in entry form along with the correct entry
fee have been submitted.
4.9 Scrutineering
Venue Shell Service Station, Lugogo
Date Friday August 15th, 2014
Time 07:00 Hrs – 11:00 Hrs
Note Any lateness will be penalised Ug. Shs. 1,000 per minute up to a maximum of 60
minutes. Lateness more than 60 minutes may be penalised, at the discretion of
the stewards, by exclusion.
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 16
5.1 Facts About Uganda
Please check the 'General Services' section for more details
Airport Uganda has one International airport Entebbe International Airport, which
is forty-five minute drive from the city centre.
Capital Uganda's capital is Kampala, around which the rally is based, with a day
time population of up to 2 million.
Car Hire There are good local car hire firms that have offices in Kampala. Rates
depend on the distance travelled and the type of car.
Climate Uganda has a beautiful climate. Daytime temperatures rarely go above
30 degrees (Centigrade) and the nights are pleasantly cool. Uganda
straddles the equator; therefore the area through which the rally will be
run will not cause any undue stress to the competitors. July is normally
Communication There are both networks of a telephone system, landline and cellular,
covering the whole country. In addition over five digital cellular networks
cover most parts of Kampala. International fax, telephone, Internet and
Email services can be found in most towns around the country
Credit Cards Most international credit cards are accepted in the major hotels and
restaurants, as are traveler’s cheques.
Currency Uganda's currency is the shilling (Denominations of Ug. Shs. are 50/=,
100/=, 200/=, 500/= (coins), Ug. Shs. 1,000/=, 5,000/=, 10,000/=,
20,000/= and 50,000/= (notes). Banks operate form 08:30 Hrs to 15:00
Hrs on weekdays, and from 09:00 Hrs to 12:00 Hrs on weekends. Money
and exchange services are also available through the foreign exchange
bureau, which are prevalent in the city. For U.S. currency be aware that
notes printed before 2003 are not accepted in most forex bureau.
Health Due to the large prevalence of malaria in Uganda, visitors are advised to
begin anti-malaria prophylaxis a week before arriving in the country and
continue for four weeks after they've left. Very efficient private hospital
care, clinics, chemists, air rescue services etc. are available in Kampala.
Immigration All visitors are required to have a valid passport. Information as to
whether Visas are required should be sought from the nearest Uganda
High Commission or Tourist Office.
Language English is the official language, while Luganda and Kiswahili are the other
local languages widely spoken.
Restaurants Kampala has a wide selection of eating places, catering for almost all
know cuisine in the world.
There are several restaurants, which, in addition to an excellent meal, lay
on extra entertainment with an African theme.
Functions (Social Activities)
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 17
Kampala has two cinema halls of a high standard that screen relatively new
movies. In addition there are theatres that stage local plays, music festivals etc.
The daily newspapers have an entertainment section that lists the social
activities for that particular day.
Security Keep valuables in the hotel safe and avoid explicit shows of affluence
and wearing items that can be easily snatched. Avoid isolated places and
walking anywhere alone after 18:00 Hrs.
Time Zone Uganda is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT + 3).
Transport Taxis are easily available and should be used where possible. Matatus
are the common means of transport.
Voltage Uganda's electricity grid is 220 – 240 volts AC, with a square three-pin
plus system.
Water Always make sure you drink either filtered tap water or bottled mineral
water, which is available in all hotel and supermarkets.
5.2 Driving In Uganda
Please Read This Section Carefully
Driving in Uganda is on the left side of the road. Consequently most cars are right hand drive.
Overtaking is only on the right side
Please give way to pedestrians on the zebra crossings. Drive safely by observing traffic signs,
speed limits and by wearing safety belts. Talking on a mobile phone (without a hands free
gadget) while driving is a serious offence.
All residential, business and industrial areas and areas having streetlights (built up areas), have
a speed limit of 50kph. In some areas, road signs indicate varying speed limits. Elsewhere, the
speed limit is 80kph. Please be aware of Traffic Police officers with speed guns on all
It is an offence to drink and drive in Uganda, and if caught, a stiff fine or imprisonment can
Beware of potholes and broken roadsides. Vehicles may come onto your side of the road
while over-taking or avoiding a pothole: Most accidents involve buses, lorries and mini buses
There are emergency breakdown services available in most places in Uganda. Beware of
roadside mechanics if your car does break down.
5.3 Important Information
Emergency Service Telephone
Ambulance 999
Fire Brigade 999
Police (for and accident) 999
Africa Air Rescue 0414 258527
Central Police Station Kampala 0414 254561/2
Department of Immigration 0414 231031/3
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 18
5.4 Consular Services
Belgium Lumumba Avenue Tel: 0414 349559
Burundi 9 Roscoe Road, K'la Tel: 0414 534503
Canada IPS Building, Kampala Tel: 0414 258141
Congo (DRC) 22 Kololo, Kampala Tel: 0414 346606
Denmark 3 Lumumba Avenue Tel: 0414 350938
EU Rwenzori House Tel: 0414 233303
Eriteria Opp. Reste Corner Hotel Tel: 0414 269830
Ethiopia 31 Kiira Road Tel: 0414 341881
France 16, Lumumba Avenue Tel: 0414 342120
Ghana Heritage Park, Entebbe Tel: 0772 409765
Germany 15, Philip Road, Kololo Tel: 0414 256767
Italy 11 Lourdel Road, Nakasero Tel: 0414 250450
Kenya 41 Nakasero Road, Kampala Tel: 0414 258235
Netherlands Kisozi Complex, Nakasero Lane Tel: 0414 231859
Nigeria 33 Nakasero Road Tel: 0414 245943
Rwanda 2 Nakasero Road Tel: 0414 344045
South Africa 2B Nakasero Hill Road Tel: 0414 343543
Tanzania 6 Kagera Road, Nakasero Tel: 0414 256272
UK Kiira Road Tel: 0414 257054
USA Nsambya, Gaba Road Tel: 0414 259791
5.5 General Services
International Air Services
Name Telephone
South African Airways 0414 345773
British Airways 0414 257414 / 257415
Ethiopian Airlines 0414 234200 / 234201.
Kenya Airways 0414 321130 / 320570
Air Tanzania 0414 234631 / 234673
Rwanda Air
Egypt Air 0414 233960, 341276
Emirates Airlines 0414 349942/3/4
Air Uganda
Kenya Commercial Bank
Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited
Standard Chartered Bank (U) Limited
Stanbic Bank
Centenary Rural Development Trust Bank
Bank Of Baroda
Diamond Trust Bank
Crane Bank
Tropical Bank
United Bank Of Africa
Global Trust Bank
Bank Of Africa
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 19
Tours And Travel
American Rent A Car
UMA Show ground
Tel: 0414 220423 -
Gorilland Safaris
Rwenzori House, Ground Floor
Tel: 0414 341705
HRG Africa Travel Limited
Plot 6, Buganda Road
Tel: 0414 341330
Courier Services
Fedex Express
International Conference Centre
Ground Floor
DAKS Couriers
Kiira Road,
Clement Hill Road,
Shimoni Village,
Mobile Telephony
Airtel (Formerly Celtel) - 40 Wampewo Avenue, Tel: 0752 230110
MTN - 22, Hannington Road, Tel: 0782 212333
Uganda Telecom - Rwenzori Court, Tel: 041 4342807
Orange Telecom, Clement Hill Road
NOTE: Local Sim Cards can be obtained for the equivalent of about US $ 1. However, all
foreigners will be required to present their passports and register to obtain one.
Secretarial Services - Business Centres can be found in most Hotels.
Belgian - Le Château, Gaba Road, Kabalagala 1
Chinese - Fang Fang, Communications House
Ethiopian - Fasika, Gaba Road
French - Le Petit Bistro, Gaba Road
Greek - Andy the Greek's, 30 Windsor Crescent, Kololo
Indian - Khyber Pass, Speke Hotel Complex
Haandi Restaurant, Commercial Plaza, Kampala Road
.Italian - Mamba Point, 22a Akii Bua Road, Nakasero
Mamma Mia Restaurant c/o Speke Hotel, Nile Avenue
Lebanese - AI Tarboush, Park Royal Shopping Arcade, 76 Bombo Road
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
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5.6 Medical Services
In case of an emergency, please call the PEARL 0F AFRICA UGANDA RALLY 2014 offices
for the Chief Medical Officer. If unavailable, (or outside office hours), please check the relevant
information below.
Hospital rates vary, with good and prompt, but expensive service available in the two main
private hospitals.
All Hotel Reception desks have a good, private practitioner on call, who will administer out
patient treatment and arrange hospital or consultant services when required.
Hospitals Telephone
Mulago Hospital 0414 554009
Nsambya Hospital 0414 266998 / 267012
Kampala International Hospital 0312 200400
Case Medical Centre 0414 250362
Mayo Clinic 0772 403760
International Medical Centre 0414 341291
Joda Clinic, c/o TLC, 0414 231254
Doctor’s Plaza, Nsambya (Opp. US Embassy) 0414 230612
5.7 Vehicle Services
Uganda Batteries Ltd 0414 343150
Battery Plus Limited 0414 233152
Automend Ltd 0772 411401 / 0772 403688
UGEW (Luzira) 0414 221163 / 0772 411454
Tyre Dealers
City Tyres (Pirelli, Dunlop, Yokohama) +256 414 231955
Tren Tyre (Goodyear) +256 414 253266
Tyre World (BF Goodrich) +256 414 347084
Arrow Centre (Michelin) +256 414 236699
Priamit Ent. (Bridgestone/Firestone, Yana) +256 414 232116
Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally 2014 Rally Guide
Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs Of Uganda 21





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