Gomes Zambia International Rally 2018 Runs First Ever Shakedown Stage

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|By Neil Malilwe – GZIR Media & Pres Relations Officer|


As the Gomes Zambia International Rally 2018 is soon to get underway, Thursday saw most drivers making their final adjustments to their cars by running the first ever Shake Down Stage in a Zambia International Rally.

Notable drivers who took part in the Shakedown Stage are defending African Rally Champion Manvir Baryan, former African Rally Champions, Mohamed Essa and Jassy Singh and current Defending Zambian Rally Champion Muna Singh Jr and Leroy Gomes.

Essa Mohamed and Manvir Baryan

It looks set to be challenging rally as drives described the stages are very technical.

Muna Singh Jnr

These were the times set in the Shakedown stints.

Shake Down Stage Times:

Mohamed Essa 3.07.6/ 3.04.6
Zubair Essa 3.12.4/ 3.04.01
Jassy Singh 3.11.0/3.05.5
Manvir Byran 3.15.9/ 3.08.0/ 3.07.5/ 3.04.9
Harminder Singh 3.20.0/ 3.21.3/ 3.14.7
Muna Singh Jr 3.06.7/ 3.02.6
Kumaren Naidu 3.22.8/ 3.17.8
Ahmed 3.10.2/ 3.07.5/ 3.06.2
Leroy Gomes 3.10.1/ 3.06.2/ 3.05.8
Kleevan Gomes 3.22.9/ 3.15.6
Kyle Latife 3.29.5
Mohammed Ally 3.49.2
Mohamed Hassan 3.35.4

The heat is own this weekend as the best of Africa battle for greatness in the forests of Zaffico from 23rd – 24th June, 09:00 to 16:00 and a cracking Super Special Night Stage at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium on 23rd June, 19:00- 21:00